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What are your reasons for wanting Board education?
Diverse people sharing why they need Board education

The Governance Knowledge Gap

One of the greatest risks Non Profits face? "The Gap" - The Governance Knowledge Gap. 

Avoiding this issue is guaranteed to get any NFP organization into trouble at some point.  And, any of us can end up in The Gap. Board member - new or experienced, CEO or ED, EA or Admin Assistant... it's a challenge to obtain or keep up with essential non profit governance knowledge in this turbulent time.  

Gone are the days of non profits having the resources to send everyone away to an Essentials Board Education course (and ideally the same course!).  And The Gap is widened when those around the Board table don't understand each other's roles & responsibilities. 

Doing nothing about The Gap contributes to poor and/or difficult decision-making, increased risk, weak governance-operations relationships, high turnover, undue stress on leaders and support staff and, most concerning... it impacts Client outcomes.    It doesn't have to be this way...

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What do our Clients say?

Latest Evaluation Stats: 100% of our Online Clients would recommend the Client Centered Governance ® Essentials Certificate Course.


M.Q. CEO CMHA Sudbury/Manitoulin

Our leadership team and board have utilized the services of VisionarEase & associates for several years. We have benefited from their experience in governance, coaching, policy revision, Accreditation and Board development. Gisele and team are a pleasure to work with, personable and their knowledge and professionalism are outstanding. I would definitely recommend their services.


EA Large Hospital Board/Canada

I would recommend it. I think it would empower Board members to be more fully immersed in the governance process. (NOTE: all testimonials are as is and maintained in original form, secure in VisionarEase Inc Corporate documents. Please contact us should you wish to be connected with a reference.)


A.R. ED Community Service Agency

The team is extremely knowledgeable and have a wealth of working experience to draw from. Also a pleasure to work with!!


Board Member, YWCA Branch

Very informative. I would recommend CCG training to rest of Board and others.


Board Director, Youth Services

Very informative. I would recommend CCG training to rest of Board and others.


Executive Staff Member

Very informative - an eye-opener! I think it would be a great benefit for any Board or CEO.


Board Director, Multi-Program Family Services

I plan to recommend CCG courses to others. This is my first training session on this topic. It was excellent. I have learnt a lot on what I need.


Board Chair, Indigenous Rep/Health Centre

I would recommend it. There may be other First Nation organizations that may benefit from this training.


Board Director, Community Food Support Sector

Excellent content. I would definitely recommend to others.


M.S. Lawyer/Governance Consultant/Canada

Gisele and I met at a governance related training session in Toronto in February, 2019. Within minutes of hearing her speak and then chatting with her, I knew we had a lot to talk about. Gisele has a kind and open disposition, and invited me into her professional world to discuss the business of governance consulting and principles of governing well in the non-profit context. She has been a mentor for me in developing a governance practice and has an impressive depth of experience. She asks good questions, we reflect on issues together and she has been every bit encouraging. I would trust Gisele to do great work with any organization I was involved in. I only wish we lived in closer proximity!

How can Client Centered Governance ® Essentials Certification course help me?

  • Learn the key elements of Non Profit governance, with a powerful Client focus, at your pace, in an upbeat video format.

  • Increase your role effectiveness and policy & process skills.

  • Gain skills in Board table discussion or support, regardless of your role - Board Director, CEO/ED, EA or Executive Staff

  • Learn simple, core questions to ask at key moments.

  • Grow your skill in being a team member who contributes to driving evidence-based decisions and managing risk.

  • Gain expertise in governing for Client results.

  • Become a Positive Governance supporter.

  • Learn how to drive effective Board - Staff -Stakeholder relationship.

  • Be confident in applying for any Non Profit Board, EA or Executive Staff position - even if you have never worked in Non Profit before.

  • Modernize your existing governance knowledge and take it to the next, Client Centered level.

The VisionarEase Guarantee

Satisfaction or your money back

The Client Centered Governance (R) Essentials Certificate course is one of the most important tools our clients use to ensure Governance & Operations effectiveness for the Clients and Causes they care about. Please contact us, should you feel our product is not what you expected. We trust you will be satisfied however, and look forward to hearing about your success.

Gisele Guenard Bio

VisionarEase Inc. CEO & Founder, Gisele Guenard, is known for her effective, upbeat leadership. Her philosophy? "We can make the world a better place if we change the way we think, speak and take action." Master of Education-prepared and from a nursing background, she has extensive experience in governance and leadership, strategic planning and executive coaching. An award-winning positive change leader, she has served in business, governance, leadership, planning, coaching and boards of directors for over 35 years and held a positions from the front lines to the corner office. Her CV includes Patient care, Community Health, College Professor, Long-Term Care Administrator, Hospital CEO, Board positions, as well as governance and leadership support across the Non Profit sector, through VisionarEase Inc. & associates. She has led live governance workshops and programs for 100s of Non Profit agencies across Canada. She is certified in NFP Governance Essentials and Professional Life Coaching. Educated in Ontario, she holds a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) degree from Laurentian University, as well as a Master in Education (Sociology) degree from the University of Toronto. VisionarEase trademarks include CLIENT CENTERED GOVERNANCE (R) and MINOR CHANGES – MAJOR RESULTS (R) - Coaching that works . Various - Recognition includes the YWCA Women of Distinction Award, nominee for the Influential Women of Northern Ontario Awards, and governance service recognition from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Fluent in French and in English, Gisele authored a francophone textbook for the nursing sector as well as inspirational publications such as her new book, “MINOR CHANGES – MAJOR RESULTS ™ - Strategy One: Beyond Positive Thinking”, on Amazon. She has also hosted a season of Visionary Radio for Voice America Radio.